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We are proud of the tradition we are building here at Washington High School with all our activities, but we are especially proud of our growing cross country tradition. We have grown accustomed to having our athletes names read as all state runners and our teams to be recognized on the podium at the state meet. As you know, cross country takes a great deal of dedication and hard work in preparation to compete at the highest level. For the Washington Warrior program, our athletes have come to expect that we the coaches will put them in a good position to do well at our conference and state meet. This all begins with our program in the off season.


Every summer, Washington Cross Country runs a camp.  This camp is about team building as much as it is about running. For our veteran runners, it is a time when they can come together and enjoy each other’s company. For our prospective runners, it is a chance to see what cross country is all about and get involved with our program. It is also a time for athletes of all kinds to learn how to eat right, how to take care of their bodies during a grueling season, and how to become better fit for the upcoming season. It isn’t just cross country runners who will benefit. We welcome all athletes from all grades who want to learn how to become better fit so that  they are ready for their season and can avoid injury once they start their season.


The cost of the camp is $150. The cost covers a camp shirt, all activities (no extra money is needed), one meal each day, and door prizes for all athletes. Families that have two or more athletes attend receive a $25 discount on each athlete. A family of two would cost $250. Scholarships are available to athletes who are unable to afford the full amount. We ask only that you pay what you can, attach the check to the registration form and write scholarship some place on the form.


I hope that you will consider coming to our camp next summer. The dates are June 24th, 25th, and 26th. We begin at 9:00 AM and finish between 4:00 and 5:00 each afternoon. Running and fitness education activities are done in the morning and activities such as swimming, canoeing, laser tag, and zip lines are done in the afternoon. If you are interested in coming to our camp, you can send me the interest form on the back and I will contact you in the spring about registration. We look forward to another fun year at Warrior Cross Country Camp again next summer and hope you can come.



Coach Mike Schultz

Warrior Cross Country


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